When it comes to leopard safaris in Rajasthan, Varawal Leopard Safari is the industry leader in organizing safari tours in the remote regions of Varawal, Jawai, and Bera known for its wildlife and natural reserves. But, despite having a very strong offline presence, its internet presence was a major weakness because it was not generating any leads, especially from visitors located across the globe. Although the company had great potential, its website was unable to portray it as it was very plain and simple. Our task was to update the current website and create a sleek, simple design that would serve to showcase the key highlights of Jawai excursions. The website has to function flawlessly on tablets and mobile devices as well.



Varawal Safari takes pleasure in offering a traditional pace of life combined with the greatest 21st-century support in the middle of Rajasthan’s prime wildlife areas. But all this was not reflected in their website as it was very basic and artless. Hence, they contacted TechMeraki, where our team worked closely with Varawal Safari, to learn about their services, and develop a website that offers a great user experience and visual design.


By tweaking the content that was already on the current website, we were able to free up more time to focus on the user experience. We carefully balanced the use of pictures and text on the website. We were able to make it look less congested without compromising the content that was essential for SEO performance.
Furthermore, our design team contacted Varawal Safari to discuss the precise requirements and any digital issues their company was facing. Their previous website was not very interactive and was just like any other webpage. So our first step was to develop a catchy and communicative home page. Since it is the entry gate to the website, it must be attractive and user-friendly. Besides, it must exhibit every aspect of the company's offerings on the home page. Given that the company deals with leopard safaris, the overall aesthetic focused heavily on nature and leopards.
Animal designs served as inspiration for the design's overall aesthetic, and the information flow was reduced to a minimum.



A tourist can now simply book a safari, and explore the services offered, along with the associated prices. Finally, with good UX, a visitor is directed to the CTAs distributed across the website pages and sections, thereby easily converting them into leads.

Hence, our new design helped Varawal Safari achieve a greater online presence and digital integration with social media platforms. In the end, their website became a perfect representation of their offline business. The beauty of the natural reserves was similarly portrayed online, which helped the visitors get a better understanding of the place.