There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

Don't you love seeing your baby business grow at a very high rate, beating all the competition and shoulder the ranks of those big leaders in world market. But you are having a trouble making this dream into a reality, don't you?

TechMeraki excels in creating innovative Websites Designs that are user-friendly & cross-browser compatible. A website redesign may sometime require work from scratch or just the change in appearance can do the magic.

Website design that actually do its job

Websites will promote you 24/7. No employee will do that for you. So, it is always suggested to have a good web design as it is the face of you online.


UI/UX Friendly

Are your visitors leaving your website without even exploring it? A better UI will make your online presence attractive and smooth UX will drive them to an unforgettable experience.


Fast & Secure

You can beat half of your competition by having a fast website. Visitors will tend to explore your website more if they can see the information as soon as the click. Our team is trained to develop light websites which open with blazing fast speed and are secure to the very core.



Growing your business online can be crucial at times. And having a bad website design can be the nail in the coffin. We redesign websites that can solve your purpose and our trendy website designs can convert your visitors into clients.



Sometimes, websites can get a lot of footfall but it fails to make visitors into potential clients. Our website redesign services can help you get your clients online. We offer you multiple website redesign prototypes so that you get variety of choices before moving further.

Website Redesign Features

Your website have the power of either growing your business exponentially or distracting your potential customers. We don't think you would love your visitors going to your competitors website, do you? A planned website re-design can lead you to generate more and more sales for your product online.

  • Proper Validated Website Re-design
  • UI/UX Friendly
  • Fast & Secure
  • Smooth transitions
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Soothing Graphics
  • Multiple Re-design Prototypes
  • Basic SEO Package included in Website Re-design

How Website Redesign will boost your business?

  • More Trust From Search Engines.
  • Website Re-design can boost SEO.
  • More Trust from Customers. Outdated Designs can lose upon trust factor
  • With an awesome looking website, you can get more clicks out of your PPC Campaigns
  • A proper redesigned website can improve user experience.
  • The amount of social shares increase for your website if visitors are able to read the information properly on your website.
  • Faster Loading Time of your redesigned website will generate more visitors and increase the conversion rate.
  • Taking proper security measures, your website will be more trustworthy.
  • Keeping up with the latest trend and optimized website can give your website a search ranking boost.
  • A change to completely restructure your online presence.
  • Doing a website redesign can give you chance to adapt new web technologies.
  • Website redesign can give you brand consistency. When your brand advertisement doesn’t match with your website, your visitors fail to connect with it and shall move on to your competitors.

Redesign your online appearance at very low cost

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